Flash Fiction Challenge: Angels!!

This week's challenge was to write a story about the devine: gods, goddesses, etc. I've had a pretty stressful week, and writing just wasn't a thing that happened. BUT! I decided to throw in a last-minute entry. This is the prologue for my WIP. It's only just over 1000 words, but it's better than nothing. I'd love any feedback! “I now call this meeting of the Angelic Council to order.” Michael’s booming voice rose above the other members’ … [Read the Rest...]

Beware the Hydrobeast: Part 2

It's probably worth your while to read part 1 first. This week, we were to write about a monster. Not something that already exists, like a vampire or werewolf, but one that we have created. Since I already did this with last week's story, I decided to continue it. It is a … [Read More...]

Beware the Hydrobeast: Part 1

  I wrote this piece for a weekly Flash Fiction prompt in which you were to write a story based on one of two themes:  1. Doing a good thing sometimes means being evil. 2. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. I started writing about the first … [Read More...]

Acquiring a Nintendo Switch: A Twitter Story

  I bought a Nintendo Switch today! I also learned how to Storify! Check out the link: https://storify.com/runnerskye/acquiring-a-nintendo-switch-a-twitter-story … [Read More...]